Kids restore New Zealand applications for funding are closed.  Thank you for your interest.    

Before you send us some information, please ensure that you have read the criteria below and have considered whether your project will fit within these guidelines. 

If you would like to register your interest in being a recipient of funding for a project, please download the Expression of Interest form and send back to us.

We will ask you to work with some of your school mates and get involved in a local community project which will make a difference to New Zealand's environment.

  • You need to identify a real environmental need in your community which everyone can get involved in.
  • You will have to show some serious leadership and work with other groups in your community to help work on the project.
  • You need to check our criteria to make sure your project will fit in.
  • Projects which contribute to the school curriculum will have a distinct advantage
  • Multiple year projects would be considered if circumstances warrant it

Let us know about your project and then you will be sent a full application form to fill in.  Tell us the story about what your project will achieve.

If Kids restore New Zealand decides to support your community project, your school will be allocated an appropriate financial grant to help you carry it out.

Expect to provide us with regular reports on how your project is progressing and we will visit your project/school to talk to you about it and take some photos.

Criteria for school participation:

  1. Open to children who are part of a New Zealand school group and are endorsed by their school or recognised organisation. 
  2. Only one grant per group will be made per year and the amount will be at the discretion of the Trustees of Kids restore New Zealand (a programme under the Air NZ Environment Trust).
  3. The projects under consideration for Kids restore New Zealand must be of material environmental benefit to a relevant community in a local area and must be able to be completed by local people as volunteers.
  4. Projects must contribute to the enhancement, restoration or monitoring of the native flora and fauna of New Zealand.
  5. The school group must show leadership by identifying the other local groups with whom they must consult and work to enable the project to be completed. Endorsement from these groups for the project and the applicant group will be required.
  6. The school group must provide a full budget for their project which can include administrative costs as long as they are specified.
  7. The school group must agree to evaluation and monitoring of their project by Kids restore New Zealand.
  8. The school group must be willing to accept and to support publicity for their project.
  9. The Trustees of Kids restore New Zealand have the right to withdraw future support for any project (whether or not previously approved) where the applicant group is not meeting the requirements as agreed when the project was approved.